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CRIME CATS - Scoop Detective, Clutch bag original design by STÖRENFRIED 

Oh you wonderful Sphinx Cat! The Sphynx is an energetic, acrobatic performer who loves to show off for attention. She has an unexpected sense of humor that is often at odds with her dour expression. Keep your dailies, like your phone, wallet, keys & other essentials in our slim, vegan leather clutch. That way, you can carry the clutch all by its beautiful self, or simply transfer it (and the stuff you've always got to have with you!) to a tote, handbag, purse or any other carryall without having to stress or rummage around. Designed with a loop handle to quickly free your hands, this custom clutch bag is made for the fashionista on the go. It can hold everyday essentials such as a phone, wallet, and keys. It features a zip fastening and a fully lined internal pocket. It is made of vegan leather in the Saffiano pattern finish that was invented by Prada.

Width: 9.53 in. / 24.20 cm.

Height: 5.91 in. / 15 cm

.: Vegan leather

.: Saffiano pattern finish

.: Small pocket inside

.: Black lining

CRIME CATS - Scoop Detective, Clutch Bag

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