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Simone Zimmermann is a German-born Visual Artist based in New York City, with a Masters

in Art & Design from the University of Wuppertal, Germany. She has shown her work in group and solo

exhibitions around Germany and New York.

Simone works as a Video Editor, Graphic Artist, Photographer and Music Promoter.

My collages are sometimes dark and sometimes sexy, often exploring the divide between fantasy

and reality in a playful, ironic, humorous and human way. Common motifs in my work are identity, the art

of portraiture, eroticism and pop culture. I see my images as snapshots from a surreal movie whose viewers

can then create their own narrative. In a fast paced world I want the viewer to stand still just for a moment and

get inspired. Instead of using the traditional analog process of cutting out and putting different elements together

using scissors and glue, I recreate the same workflow digitally to have more freedom of changing the scene, 

but still preserving the manual look of the final work.