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"Together Alone" is an homage to all the health care and frontline workers in NYC and across the globe. New Yorkers are coming together during the Covid Pandemic lockdown to applaud frontline workers who are placing their own well being aside to care for others. Working on my photo project @simone_togetheralone helped me personal to deal with the dark and sad times during this pandemic. Every evening at the same time I went outside with my photo camera and took over 300 portraits of the people in my neighborhood. Seeing how people stood together in times of Isolation gave me hope.

My images were featured in the American photomagazine F-Stop - issue #103 online exhibition"Staying Home Together", a project realized by dotART / Exhibit Around in collaboration with  F-Stop and focused on the shared global experience of the lockdown due to the Covid-19 emergency. They were also included in the bound edition catalogue.

Additionally they were part of an exhibition at The International Festival of Urban Photography during the Trieste Photo Days in Trieste, Italy and featured with an interview of me in the German newspaper Aachener Zeitung and Abendblatt.

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